Cable TV packs off the rack

Want a ready-made TV package and move on with your life? Now in four easy sizes. Pick one and subscribe.

Monthly cost 2.99 €

Some Estonian favourites and picks from the most popular ones from all over the world.

Monthly cost 5.99 €

Not too much, not too few - best channels for entertainment from here and abroad.

Monthly cost 10.99 €

Music, nature, sports, news and series for all - an ideal choice!

Monthly cost 13.99 €

The dream of every TV-junkie, 78 channels+14 HD channels. For a demanding taste.

Found your base pack? Customize it with additional channels

“57 channels and nothing on,” Bruce Springsteen complained. 

Better luck with 170+ channels, Boss. Here's to something's on!

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Cinema on your couch Rent a movie for 48 hours

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Time Machine:
14 days of Now

Save your favourites forever

Recording up to
120 hours

Stop shows or rewind -
as much as you want

Watch from computer
or phone

Time Machine Use your STARbox to catch up on missed shows

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A feast: on and off the couch

With 170+ channels, our selection is the richest you’ll find in Estonia. With more ways to enjoy it than ever.

Live your life. There is more stuff on TV than you can possibly watch. Record or timeshift TV shows to fit your schedule. Watch last night’s American Pickers on your phone while pretending to catch wild Pokémon. 



This is a device, that enables to watch digital-TV via cable network (DVB-C) and to use different Starbox services. For example Time Machine, Recording and Video Rental. Starbox supports watching HD content.

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