New and better then ever Time Machine+

Time Machine:
14 days of Now

Save your favourites forever

Recording up to
120 hours

Stop shows or rewind -
as much as you want

Watch from computer
or phone


A feast: on and off the couch
- 14 days of Now

With 170+ channels, our selection is the richest you’ll find in Estonia. With more ways to enjoy it than ever.

Live your life. There is more stuff on TV than you can possibly watch. Record or timeshift TV shows to fit your schedule. Watch last night’s American Pickers on your phone while pretending to catch wild Pokémon.

Recording. Did a great show slip by unnoticed?
Never again!

Record shows on up to 100 channels, depending on your TV bundle. Recordings won’t expire, so your mom can return to that Turkish love story for years.

Time Machine Time Machine+
Catch up
Catch up channels
Up to 90 channels Up to 90 channels
Catch up time
7 days 14 days
Recordable channels
Up to 100 channels
Recording quota
15 h / 30 h / 60 h / 120 h
1.99 € Dependant on quota:
15 h
4.98 €
30 h
6.98 €
60 h
8.98 €
120 h
11.98 €

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