Internet services

yeah, we can't live 

without it either!

Human survival requires Google, apps, and fainting-goat videos. We’ve got broadband cables and wireless deals oozing with the planetary interwebs. Let’s plug you in, Neo.

What’s in the box?

When you join Starman, you’ll be getting one of
these. It’s needed for Starman internet and basic TV.

You’ll get a basic wifi modem/router that connects you to the internet and runs your home wifi.

Modem: let the internet come inside

When you let our Internet service fill your home, we give you a modem. 


0 € / month

With a fixed contract for 12 months.


2,99 €/ month

No need to have a 12-month contract.

Did a great show slip by? Never again!

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500 Mbit/s? Yeah, we have it!

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Setting up

A Starman tech will install it quickly,
you won’t need to lift a finger.

Just set up a time and date with us and our friendly cable
guy will come by. In most cases, installation will take 1-2