Yeah, we can't live

without it either!

Human survival requires Google, apps, and fainting-goat videos. We’ve got broadband cables and wireless deals
oozing with the planetary interwebs. Let’s plug you in, Neo.

Look, ma'! No Wires!

Wireless internet isn't just for mobiles. Don't want or can't have cable access? Starman AirNet packs to the rescue!

Monthly cost 10 €

Down: up to 5 Mbit/s

Up: up to 1Mbit/s

30 GB

Monthly cost 15,99 € 

Down: up to 5 Mbit/s

Up: up to 1Mbit/s


Monthly cost 20.99 €

Down: up to 30 Mbit/s

Up: up to 1Mbit/s


Monthly cost 36.99 €

Down: unlimited

Up: unlimited


All speeds depicted are theoretical download speeds. Speeds may vary depending on your wi-fi connection. Upload speeds are not download speeds.

Wifi makes them cables gone

Unless you need a place to hang your socks, wires just ain’t no good. These days, wifi connections are blazing fast, even when your TV is on. Let the wire retire!

Wifi isn’t just for cafes and cool kids any more. Think of it as invisible internet dust that connects everyone in your household to the net. So let’s get you connected without being tied down. We’ll bring you a digital set-top box for TV and a wifi router for the interwebs.


Home wifi is available to both Starman cable and over-the-air customers. Come and get it!