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now part of Elisa.

Starman is now part of Elisa

Back in spring the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed on a sales transaction that resulted in us joining forces with Estonia’s most popular mobile and data communications operator, Elisa. The synergy of these two efficiently operating and successful companies has produced a new leading telecommunications and entertainment company – one which will be known hereafter simply as Elisa.

Thanks to this merger we’ve become a major company with almost 1000 employees, giving us the opportunity to offer an extremely broad range of mobile communications, Internet and TV services (including video rental and on-demand viewing), thousands of e-books to digital readers via the Elisa reading app and much more.

A wealth of entertainment and communications options for our clients

Entertainment services have always been important to Starman’s clients, and we’ll be continuing to offer them after the merger. Working with Elisa, we want to stay one step ahead of our clients so as to offer them the kinds of services that they’re only just starting to wonder whether they’ll one day be available to them. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to take both Starman and Elisa’s existing services to the next level. We’re doing our best to make sure that all of the changes to do with the merger turn out to be positive ones for Starman clients. 

In addition to the wide range od Internet and television services we already offer, there will be a lot more to choose from. The most important addition to our portfolio will be the selection of mobile communications services we offer (including those with competitively priced call rates and high-speed mobile Internet) based on the needs of both private and business clients. We’ll also be offering an outstanding range of smart devices with insurance, the Elisa Book reading app, an Office 365 Cloud service and much more. Plus we’ll be giving data communications speeds a boost, pressing ahead towards 5G mobile Internet and working to develop the fixed connections needed to enable 10G.

What direction are we moving in?

    The ideas we run with spring up all around us. Future trends show that consumer habits are changing – boundaries are blurring and the use of smart devices and multiple screens simultaneously is on the rise. This opens the door to innovation in communications and entertainment services.


    We can already see that smart devices and watching video content, whatever the form, will be very closely connected in the future. In the 21st century, watching TV no longer means solely in real time or lounging on the sofa staring at an enormous screen – television is taking off on smart devices, too. People are recording things to watch later, and watching things again. This growing trend has been highlighted in surveys conducted all over the world, and we’ve also noted it ourselves.

Find out more!

Our merger may have left you scratching your head a bit, so we’ve put together an FAQ to help you out.


When did this whole merger business start?

Elisa signed on the dotted line to buy Starman at the end of 2016 and now owns it 100%.


Will this new joint company be offering clients joint service solutions for mobile communications, mobile Internet, permanent Internet connections and TV, and if so, when will you start doing so?

For now, nothing will change for clients of either Starman or Elisa. Everything will carry on as before. But the services Elisa offers will gradually be added to the list of services Starman offers its clients. You’ll of course be the first to know when these new options become available!


When will Starman and Elisa’s offices be merging?

Starman has four offices in Estonia and Elisa has more than 20. We’ll make a start on merging them this year. Needless to say we’ll keep you up to date on when we’re ready to open our new joint offices.


Can I sign Starman contracts at Elisa offices and vice versa?

Not just yet. Until our joint offices open you should keep signing Starman contracts at Starman offices and Elisa contracts at Elisa offices.


Can I pay my Starman bills at Elisa offices and vice versa?

Again, not just yet. For now, keep paying them the way you have been to date.


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